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Solar inverters convert the electricity from your solar panels into power that can be used by the plugs in your house for your TV and other wired products. Panels can’t create AC power by themselves; they need the helping hand of a solar inverter.

1. Please check whether the inverter meets damages in operation or not before installing it.

2. Please make sure it will never be disturbed by any electric or electronic equipment that has been installed in the vicinity.

3. Before each electrical connection, please cover each solar panel with opaque materials or switch off the DC side breaker. If solar arrays are exposed in the sun, they will generate dangerous voltages.

4. All the installation and operation must only be finished by professionals.

5. All the wires and cables inside a solar PV system must be tightly connected, making sure no electricity will leak. Their specifications must be appropriate.

6. All the electric appliances’ installations must meet the local or national standards.

7. If you want to connect your inverter to the national grid, you must get the permission of the local power bureau and ask professionals to finish the connection.

8. If your inverter needs repairing, you must switch off the electrical connection between the inverter and the national grid, and then switch off the DC side electricity connection.

9. Please wait at least 5 minutes until the inner components have all released power, and then repair.

10. Any trouble that affects the inverter’s safety functions must be completely solved before you reboot the inverter.

11. Avoid unnecessary circuit touches.

12. Adhere to static electricity protection standards, and wear static electricity-proof protectors.

13. Please take notice and adhere to the warning on the product.

14. You had better keep a proof checking of the device and make sure it is not damaged or in danger before you operate it.

15. Please make sure your inverter is not too hot, dusty or moist.


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